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Mar 17

Free Backup Solution: Cobian Backup 10 and DropBox


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Mar 17

I wanted to share this tip on how to accomplish a free backup solution, for example if you are running Windows Server 2008 R2, as I’m.

Start off with installing Dropbox as a service on your server OS, then install Cobian Backup 10.

I wanted some strong encryption on my backup set, and there fore the below guide is based on that scenario. If you do not want to use encryption, you can skip the “CobianServerBackup” folder steps, and select your Dropbox folder as the backup destination.

1. Configure a new task, to make the backup of desired folders on your harddrive.
2. Make a new folder on C:\, in my case I created C:\CobianServerBackup, and select this folder as the backup destination.
3. Create a batch file named “move_to_dropbox.bat” in the “CobianServerBackup”-folder, containing:

@echo off
move C:\CobianServerBackup\*.enc C:\Dropbox\Serverbackup

4. On the “Actions” pane, configure Cobian to run the batch file, which will move the backupfile after encryption to the Dropbox folder.

This is to prevent Dropbox from starting syncing the backup set file before the encryption process, as this will change the file, and make Dropbox start over with the syncing process.

I found this to be a very relayable backup solution, and very cost effective. Even if you sign up for a 50 GB account with Dropbox, you still end up paying a fraction of what a commercial solution will cost.

A look at consumed Server Resources
If you look at server resources, the RAM memory is not that affected. Consumption including Dropbox was in my case 78,3 mb for a 3GB backup.

The CPU is of course mostly affected, especially during the backup compression- and encryption processes.

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